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Vintage Subaru: 1981 Model Lineup Brochure

In a rare moment of office appliance triumph, we discovered how to scan vintage Subaru Brochures using the large office copy machine. This was a real boost to the process, as the 1981 Subaru full model lineup brochure you're about to enjoy didn't fit into the small HP scanner we had been using. 

We're loving the gray and orange color theme of this brochure.

So, without further ado, let's get to the pictures!

Subaru. More impressive. Still inexpensive. Subaru may look like an expensive import, but it's inexpensive and built to stay that way.

The 1981 Subaru Hardtop: "It's the perfect car for the person who likes to travel in class."

1981 Subaru 4-Door Sedan. "Don't forget, with its European styling and practicality, the 1981 Subaru 4 Door Sedan is surely a great value."

1981 Subaru Hatchback. "Words like practical and versatile aren't enough to describe the 1981 Hatchback."

1981 Subaru Station Wagon, "at home in any situation."

1981 Subaru 4 Wheel Drive Hatchback, "the perfect family vehicle. With the added versatility of 4 wheel drive."

1981 Subaru 4 Wheel Drive Station Wagon. "No matter what your station in life is, the Subaru 4WD Station Wagon is for you." 

1981 Subaru BRAT. "It's no exaggeration when we say that the Subaru Brat really spoils its owners."

See you next time!