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Subaru of Wichita Blog

Subaru: The Quality to Expect When You’re Expecting!

These parents love Subaru for many good reasons (high resale value, super stylish, great gas mileage), but the top reason to drive a Subaru is the one they're pointing to in the picture above--the most precious cargo of all! 

Give us a call at 888-559-4277 to find out more about how a new Subaru vehicle could benefit your growing....

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We Are HIRING…for Pretty Much EVERYTHING!

We are blessed and fortunate to own 8 automotive, finance & insurance related companies and 2 Ministry Non-Profit organizations and business is BETTER than it's ever been!

That's why we have MANY GROWING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES available right now.

(Drum Roll please: In random order):

The following openings are all FULL TIME permanent positions (No Summer Help positions available....

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2015 Subaru Legacy: “Passengers”

As passengers sharing a ride on this fragile blue marble we call home, we care about not just comfort, safety, peace of mind, but also not crashing into the sun. Introducing the newly redesigned 2015 Subaru Legacy. Further proof that the greater the peace of mind, the easier it is to sit back and enjoy the journey.

If you would like to know....

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2015 Subaru Outback Video: First Look Presentation

In this video, Adrian  provides an in-depth look at what's new with the 2015 Subaru Outback. Impressive interior and exterior styling, improved fuel economy, an amazing new infotainment unit, and much, much more!

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Subaru EyeSight® Stories

The Subaru EyeSight® video series is all about real drivers sharing real stories about how EyeSight® helped them in very real ways. 

With EyeSight, two cameras are mounted by the rearview mirror to monitor traffic and react to conditions even before you do. Basically, EyeSight® sees the problems and initiates action to help avoid the trouble. Eyesight® will also....

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Just Arrived: 2015 Subaru Outback and Legacy

BIG News! 

The first 2015 Subaru Outback and Legacy vehicles have just arrived on our lot and are getting dressed for their grand debut. 

The all new, completely redesigned 2015 Subaru Outback was designed to take you way out there and back, and will impress even the most seasoned adventurer.

For the Legacy, Subaru's classic sedan, the 2015....

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Scott Pitman and Travis Pastrana

Our fearless leader is in Seattle right now checking out the new Subaru Legacy and Outback, and gtot the chance to meet legendary Subaru Rally Team racing legend Travis Pastrana!

We can't wait to hear how the convention went. Stay tuned for more pictures and information!

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Mindy Kaling Digs the Subaru Outback

It's official--Mindy Kaling digs the Subaru Outback. One of our people spotted this post from her Instagram account, in which she refers to the Outback thusly: "Classy stance, cool car," a remark that garnered over ten thousand likes. 

Well, Mindy, we agree with you! And THAT's no laughing matter.

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They Lived: Totaled Subaru Outback Video

The driver of this totaled Subaru Outback (who filmed this video for us) is just fine. Another driver ran a red light and crashed into him, and on the moment of impact, the air bags deployed instantly. The driver remarked that the airbags felt as soft as if he "flicked his forehead with his fingers." What will he be replacing this vehicle with? Another....

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